5 Fully funded PhD positions at Ghent University, Belgium

1. PhD position: Soft and Flexible Technology for Responsive Epileptic Seizure Treatment

The offered PhD position is embedded in the BOF-GOA project SOFTRESET (Soft and Flexible Technology for Responsive Epileptic Seizure Treatment), funded by Ghent University with 1.6 million Euros. This project aims to develop technology for targeted therapy of focal epilepsy based on the therapeutic effects of deep brain stimulation using innovative soft probes for both the recording of the epileptic brain region and its optical stimulation. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team of 5 PhD students with interconnecting projects, under the guidance of top researchers from several teams at Ghent University at the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, and Sciences: 4Brain, imec-CMST, imec-Waves, PBM-UGent, and Neural Waves.

Deadline : Sep 30, 2022

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2. PhD Position: RES4LIVE

UGent and ILVO (Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) are looking for a PhD student in the framework of the European RES4LIVE project (https://res4live.eu/), to contribute with their research to the energy transition in the livestock sector. The challenges are urgent and real, on climate impact, increasing costs, energy supply and animal welfare. Through the development and innovative integration of new techniques and concepts we can help the sector face this challenge.

As a PhD student you will develop a blue print for the energy transition of the new generation of sustainable livestock farms. Your job description includes: Research the newest insights and create an energy optimalisation model for the livestock sector based on that, Work with sensors in the farm and around the animals, collect and analyze data, Give presentations and write articles and a PhD.

Deadline : Oct 01, 2022 

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3. PhD position: AshCycle

The project “AshCycle – Integration of Underutilized Ashes into Material Cycles by Industry-Urban Symbiosis” funded by the European Commission (Horizon Europe) invites applications for 2 full-time stipend PhD position at Ghent University (Belgium). As such, Ghent University DuraBUILDmaterials is looking for 2 qualified and motivated candidates to pursue each a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, on one of the following topics ‘Workability, durability and structural behaviour of ash-based hybrid binder concrete’ and ‘Workability, durability and structural behaviour of ash-based carbstone concrete’.

Your role for the PhD project will be to devise cutting edge concrete compositions which make (1) use of ashes in the binder system and/or aggregate skeleton of concrete and (2) use low carbon cement technologies. You will implement developed compositions in concrete products, and evaluating their performance in terms of workability, strength, durability and structural behaviour. As you will be dealing with several aspects of concrete technology and structures, you will apply a balanced combination of experimental, analytical and numerical work at mortar scale up to reinforced concrete scale. You will evaluate the novel ash-based mixes in case studies. You will perform this work in the context of the European AshCycle research project

Deadline : Oct 03, 2022

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4. PhD Position: MuSe Project

Can we use the energy from sun and wind to make renewable molecules at sea and how do we prove that hydrogen is really green? With MuSe (Molecules at Sea) we want to explore the opportunities for producing and important renewable molecules, such as hydrogen, methanol and methane, from offshore energy production as we know it from wind or solar parks. Your research is part of work package 6 of MuSe and concerns the certification of (renewable) hydrogen and other green molecules. Not only at the EU level, but also in various EU Member States, governments and companies are already taking initiatives to support and enable the swift roll-out of (imported) CO2-friendly molecules. In particular, a standardized comprehensive legal framework for hydrogen is crucial to form a single a single liquid and competitive market for green molecules in Central Western Europe. Moreover, the Belgian government intends to explore cooperation between the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France to establish international and European standards for the certification and trade of renewable molecules.

Deadline : Oct 10, 2022 

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5. PhD position summary/title: PhD in Artificial Intelligence for energy applications

The “AI for Energy” team (AI4E), led by prof. Chris Develder and prof. Bert Claessens at the Internet and Data Lab (IDLab) at Ghent University – imec is looking for a qualified and motivated candidate to pursue a Ph.D. in data analytics and machine learning for smart grid applications.

  • PhD position to work on fundamental and applied research projects (4 years)
  • Focus on data science (analytics, modeling, machine learning) for energy / smart grid related applications, as well as scalable/distributed algorithms to coordinate energy consumption and production (demand response, DR)
  • Challenging, creative and constructive environment
  • Unique opportunity to participate in European/national research projects and to cooperate with important ICT-oriented companies
  • Competitive salary

Deadline : Dec 31, 2022

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