4 Postdoctoral fellowships at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

1. Postdoc Fellowship in mathematical modeling of electrochemical systems

Deadline : 10th October 2022

We have a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions.  

The position is affiliated with the MODELYS project funded by the Research Council of Norway and European industry. Project partners include SINTEF, the University of Oslo, the Danish Technical University (DTU Energy), and NTNU. The project will develop new knowledge on improvements and limitations of electrolyser cells and stacks, and provide design and decision support tools for enabling the realization and integration stacks in GW-plants. The overall aim of the MODELYS project is to generate a roadmap for the realisation of GW plants at a cost less than €350/kW, to be able to produce green hydrogen at a competitive price in 2030. To ensure a successful outcome, the MODELYS team includes both experimentalists and theorists. The Postdoctoral Fellow will work on the mathematical modeling of water electroclysis processes in close collaboration with experimentalists. The work will in particular contribute to the understanding of degradation processes and the dependence of lifetime on operation modes (start-stop cycles, integration with renewables, fluctuating loads etc.) and electrolyser technology.

The post doctoral fellow will have results of advanced electrochemical and other characterisation methods at her disposal, including in operando effluent analysis and tomography.

Duties of the position

  • Mathematical modeling of coupled electrode and transport processes in water electrolysis
  • Development of dynamic continuum models for porous electrodes and gas-evolution at such electrodes under alkaline (AEM) and acidic (PEM) conditions
  • Development of models for degradation, emphasizing degradation in catalytic layers
  • Interact with experimentalists and contribute to the planning of experimental activites aiming at model validation
  • Data analysis and contribute to the establishment of high-quality data sets
  • Communicate with industry and the research community
  • Scientific and technical reporting through regular dissemination channels, public dissemination through social media and other channels, and participation in international conferences.

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2. Postdoc Fellowship in Innovation in building processes

Deadline : 15th October 2022

The postdoctoral fellow will primarily work on research carried out as part of the ZEN research centre at NTNU and SINTEF. The Research Centre on Zero Energy Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (ZEN Centre) is a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) funded by the Research Council of Norway and the consortium partners. The main objective of the ZEN Centre is to develop knowledge, competitive products and solutions that will lead to realization of sustainable neighbourhoods that have zero emissions of greenhouse gases related to their production, operation and transformation. The Research Centre is organized as a joint NTNU/SINTEF unit, hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU. The Centre encompasses the value chain of market and public players needed in order to realize zero emission neighbourhoods, including municipalities, governmental organizations, Norwegian construction industry and energy companies. The post doc will be part of the research team under workpackage 2 “Innovation, Policy Measures and Business Models”. More information about the ZEN Centre is available at http://www.fmezen.no.

Duties of the position

Area of research

The main challenge is to ensure coherence between the planned result of a construction project, and the actual, built result. The postdoctoral position aims to explore innovative, including circular, solutions for Zero Emission Neighbourhoods, with a particular focus on identification of obstacles to a resource-optimal building process. Furthermore, innovative solutions will be explored in close collaboration with researchers and partners in ZEN. Partners in ZEN are active contributors to the project, and can provide cases and data, as well as professional experience that is useful in research.

The research should pursue one or more of the following tasks:

  • Identify and concretize obstacles to a resource-optimal building process, building upon the Norwegian phase norm ”Next step”.
  • Identify innovative solutions to the obstacles to a resource efficient building in collaboration with partners and researchers in ZEN.
  • Examine how to achieve coherence between ambitions in a project, the built result and possible effects in terms of sustainability in a life cycle perspective.
  • Examine how project frameworks, strategies, methods and tools can support the ambitions, vision and goals.
  • Contribute to work on regulatory challenges in ZEN-projects, related to building process.
  • Cooperate with researchers on related issues within ZEN, in particular in workpackage 2.

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3. Postdoc Fellowship Position: Synthetic Biology

Deadline : 17th October 2022

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions.  We are seeking  candidates with strong interest in bioengineering holding a PhD degree (or having submitted the PhD thesis) in biotechnology, biochemistry or related fields. The research activities will be  part of the PolySpore project funded by the NovoNordisk Foundation. In the project we will develop novel biological and hybrid materials as well as new data-storage concepts using bacterial spores. The researcher will work on genetically optimizing and manipulating spores of the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis to present and produce load bearing proteins and characterize the resulting product, as well as to work on light driven catalysis using enzymes and upconverting nanoparticles. 

Duties of the position

  • Genetic engineering of Bacillus subtilis to present heterologous proteins
  • Genome engineering of B. subtilis to optimize spore display
  • Production and and characterization of hybrid materials
  • Data analysis
  • Preparation of manuscripts
  • Presentation of results at group meetings and scientific conferences

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 4. Postdoctoral Fellowship: Experimental Fluid Mechanics: Wave-turbulence interactions

Deadline : 23rd October 2022

We announce a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship as part of an ERC project, for experimental work in the one-of-a-kind water channel facility at NTNU Trondheim, Norway. The experiments will be unique in combining tailored waves, turbulence and mean flow simultaneously. This is a rare opportunity for an excellent candidate with experimental background to work in a highly active, ambitious, multinational research team in a stimulating environment.

The project WaTurSheD, funded by the European Research Council (ERC), concerns the triple interactions of waves, turbulence and shear currents (WTC) and how they mix waters beneath a water surface. How heat and gas are mixed into the ocean is crucial to ocean and climate modelling, but the underlying physics are not well understood, something the project will address; thus, the research is a scientifically exciting study of fundamental fluid mechanics, and important to our future.

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