16 Important Interview Etiquette

1. Dress properly: Your attire may vary depending on the type of job you are trying to get, however, your outfit should look decent and professional. Your unprofessional dressing sense will kill your chances of selection.

 2. Arrive on Time: Reaching late at the interview venue is such a negative and unprofessional behavior that will cost you heavily. Make sure to Arrive early at the interview location (at least 15min before schedule). This shows your respect for the interviewer’s time.

3. Silent/switch off your mobile: Imagine your mobile rings or vibrates when the interviewer is asking you a question. The interview rhythm will be lost and your interviewer’s mood will change. Therefore, always make sure your mobile is on silent mode or turned off.

4. Listen attentively: Make eye contact with the interviewer/s and listen to them carefully. This shows you are fully invested in the interview.

5. Humble tone: Answer with a humble tone and keep your answers clear and succinct. Interviewers want straightforward responses and to the point.

6. Do not criticize your current or past employers: Speak positively and mention why you are looking for another job. This will show your maturity.

7. Speak logically: It is not expected of you to answer every technical question but you must be clever enough to speak with logic and temperament. Be honest if do not know anything about a particular question.

8. Don’t be overconfident: When you’re asked about the topic you know, you are letting everything come out of your mouth in an endless stream of word vomit and the interviewer had to cross you with another question.

9. Happy face: Never sit with a blank face, as it gives a negative impression. Always use your hands for gestures, and show some facial expressions with little humor.

10. Be truthful: You may forget but not the internet. In the age of technology and professional network, your professional and social details are very easy to find online. So be truthful in your cover letter, resume, and other application material. Hiding or misinterpretation of things is a bad option!

11. Show excitement: The interviewer won’t hire you if they can’t see that you’re excited about the job. A recruiter wants a candidate that is curious to learn new things rather than someone who knows everything.

12. Don’t ask unnecessary questions: Before closing your interview, the employers generally say “Do you have any questions?” You should turn it into a golden opportunity by inquisitively asking for valuable information regarding your prospective role and its components, organization, or the products/services offered by them and not about the number of leaves and lunchtime.

13. Realistic salary demand: Yes, everyone loves to have a high-paying job, but don’t chase it! The secret to a successful career is patience. When looking for a new job, we shouldn’t have too high of expectations because they could come out as unrealistic during the interview.

14. Smart negotiations: Negotiations are a smart alternative if you think the organization is excellent and offers all the amenities. Additionally, be adaptable and avoid conveying to potential employers that you are exclusively concerned with money.

15. Say “Thank You”: Candidates attend an interview and once they are out of the room they do not even bother to mail or call the recruiter thanking for the opportunity, thus making themselves vanish from the final list. Being memorable is important and the only way to do that is to follow up after the interview. Sending a “thank you” email to each person who was part of the process after the interview is a smart approach to leaving a good impression.

16. Your manners: The key is confidence, yet pride can be the reason you’re not being hired. Pay attention to how you are interacting with a recruiting manager. A negative attitude will make a much worse impression than a stellar resume. Even if you don’t get hired, acting impolitely will damage your reputation and future employment prospects with the same organization.

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